Psa 10 base set holos

Looking for Psa 10 base set unlimited holos

Would be easier if you listed the exact cards you need with what your willing to pay.


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Ha sorry for not being very specific my bad
Charizard 350 pounds
Blastoise and venusaur 125 pounds each
Gyrados raichu and chansey 60pounds each
That’s English unlimited set thank you

ok prices i think apart from zard they sadly sell for around £500 now good luck with your search

Yea I know it’s on the cheaper side but 2 have gone for less than 350 in the last 6 weeks

rewally dame have gone down abit :blush:

Just sold one a week ago for $675, they are still in the 600-700 range.

Just sold 2 myself for 700 and 775


Is that dollers ?