Proxy shipping USA to UK

Hello! Just looking for some advice on shipping.

I’m interested in purchasing from a company that only ships within the states and I’m in London. Does anyone have a recommended company/site that will be an inexpensive middleman?

Backstory: seems like coin collecting is biggest in the states and the two companies that make high end binders, sheets, and other related products don’t ship internationally.

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I use Planet Express. They have been very good for me so far.

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I’ve used ShipMyCards for a while and they’ve been great!

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+1, top tier service from them

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+1 vouch for ShipMyCards

I’ll check out shipmycards, but I’m not actually shipping cards.

I use myus. They have been good and fast

Give them a message or email, I believe they can post most things

Shipito also has been handy, haven’t used it in a long time tho but when i did i liked it