Price check on graded '97 Topsun Green Back/Versus Holos?

Hi all,

Fairly new member here, so hopefully I have followed the Price Check procedures properly.

Yes - I have desperately tried searching eBay listings and this forum, but I have found literally nothing on any recent graded copy sales of the 1997 ‘Green Back’ aka ‘Southern Island’ aka ‘Versus’) holo set.

Please note there are not the typical Topsun holos you may be thinking of. What I’m looking for, are what I like to call the Topsun Versus holos because they feature 2 Pokemon in a battle position as shown below:

There are some fairly expensive listings currently for sale on eBay (for at least the Charizard vs. Cloyster card) but can’t find sale data to support.

Any input would be most appreciated! Thanks!

I think we can call these top holos since the company name changed to top. Currently I think these can still be considered very niche, however there may be some collectors out there who may eventually want them for their character specific collections. Or eventually the more niche stuff in a hobby this big does acquire some collectors who will want this kind of stuff as a set. Not much sales data on these though, we’re dealing with pure speculation but I would personally value them from $50-200 range in PSA 10 depending on the character on the card. Whereas PSA 9 is probably going to be $30-$100 range max imo. Those numbers could change over time, but they will always be on the far back backburner in terms of demand compared to the original topsun set.

Hello - the issue with this set is psa has graded some of them as if they were 1995 topsun. I don’t believe psa even recognizes this set exists right now. As far as the Holo foil vs cards go - most are going for $20-$50 ungraded with exception to the charizard cloyster card you mention. That one in particular has gone for $100-$200 at least a few times in the past couple months… I personally love this artwork but many don’t know they exist. I do not know the reason why psa does not grade this set and would appreciate if anyone could opine on this. Thanks!

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