[Price Check] 1st AND Unlimited Team Rocket Booster Box

What’s the rough price on a 1st Edition box right now? Would $1400 AUD be considered a good price?

Similarly, what’s considered a good price for an unlimited or what would most seasoned buyers/collectors be willing to pay for an Unlimited box?

A side note… does Buyee declare a low item value or the same as you paid? Was wondering if I would be charged import fees or not.

$1400 AUD is a great price if I saw that I’d be buying it right now, not sure about the other question I’ve never used buyee.

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Updated OP to include unlimited also. Sorry for the quick bump, I just didn’t see a point in creating a new thread just for a change in print runs.

I think i paid 850 or 900 aud a few weeks ago for an unlimited one :blush:


sweet, thanks :blush:

Buyee won’t mark thing under the value hut there is the option to have them mark the package as a gift.

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Alright, so I should always expect to pay import fees when over 1k then?

I’m unfamiliar with non UK customs fees etc so I cannot answer that unfortunately.