Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal!

It’s an interesting translation ahahah!

My friend is doing a playthrough of it, so if you have a chance maybe check it out? :blush:

This is hilarious. XD The commentary makes it even better.

It’s a work in progress he’s doing!
Expect an episode once every 2 days xD

Not sure about this. Seems to be making fun of the Vietnamese which can be hurtful to some people?


He told me to direct you to here:

Essentially Vietnamese Crystal in his words is “notoriously known for the nonsensical translations because it jumped through so many translations”
He doesn’t mean to disrespect anyone. It was his friend who was going slightly over the line. He said that he’s going to try and keep it more civil in upcoming videos.

English words don’t translate the same to Vietnamese. Many words are nonexistent in Vietnamese. All languages have the same problems but none so dramatically as VN. Try typing in a sentence into a translator and you’ll see similar irregularities.
And, btw, we have at least one Vietnamese person who follow these threads;)

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The videos aren’t designed to target someone of Vietnamese ethnicity and discriminate against them. They are merely for entertainment regarding the strange translation. Like you said there are some words that don’t translate and thus it makes it a fun play through.

I try to put myself in somebody else’s shoes and If a community like this were making fun of something having to do with my ethnicity I would feel bad and that’s certainly not the intention of this site.
If any of the admins disagree with me then let me know…

I’ve sent this forum to an admin to see their opinion.

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Episode 4 is up! :slight_smile:
My friend said he’ll try and put some more up this week

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Episode 5 is up…

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These are great! I usually get bored with play throughs but this is so entertaining!

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