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Hey I am wanting to sell singles on my ebay, the standard fees for paypal plus ebay negate everything.I hear you can use micro payments to combat that issue.Does anyone know much about them, can anyone have a micro account? and can I make a standard one aswell with the same card but choose the paypal type used upon an ebay purchase from a buyer?


I don’t understand why you say the fees negate everything because fees for eBay and Paypal combined are usually only ~12.7-16%. With the exposure you receive on ebay you can recuperate that much in raw sales numbers alone.

Nevertheless my understanding of micropayments is that it only reduces the $0.34 charge per Paypal transaction and only for business & premier accounts. To start with micropayments you have to accept their fee structure change from 2.9% + $0.34 USD to 5% + $0.05. The problem is that you can’t just go back and forth between the two fee structures. So if you happen to sell a card for… say… $30 on eBay… you are stuck with paying the additional 2.1% ($0.87 + $0.34 versus $1.50 + $0.05)

In other words Micropayments works best for someone who publishes an app to the app store and receives thousands of $0.99 -$4.00 payments each month. In order to determine whether you can personally benefit you’ll have to calculate your average monthly transaction amount and compare that to the two fee structures.

Edit: I called up a buddy of mine who says you can also set up two Paypal accounts and select which one you want to use for each individual listing… something I hadn’t thought about beforehand. The benefit of Microtransactions cuts off at about $11.00. So I suppose you can select your microtransactions Paypal account for your listings under $11 and your other one for listings over $11. I’m learning now too :blush:

Thank you, thats what I thought, 2 accounts 1 for macro 1 for micro. so anything 9.50£ and below is good for micro and since most my sales will be below that then it is best to get one micro.I ahve read up and messaged paypal to change my current paypal to micro.Hopefully i can get it set up soon so I can list.
Its beneficial to get 2 accounts in general for selling as say I sell a card for £1+60p postage I lose 10% from ebay 3.8% plus 20p from paypal, opposed to 5pence and 5%…over time its worth it if selling alot of items under 9.50£.

you can choose what paypal method you use for ebay transactions but cant change the account back and forth itself

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I have a standard paypal for one account and another business one…but want the business one switching to micro. Negating profit wise, if your selling cheaper singles that 20pence is a huge percent extra plus the 3.4%. A £1 sale becomes nothing :stuck_out_tongue: 10% ebay 23.4% paypal…then postage.Hope that makes more sense :wink: Micro % means smaller sales in volume are more beneficial

EDIT: Most of my predicted sales fall into the £1-9 area so over time/volume the amount of money saved by switching is pretty good.Any cards and accessories etc over that will go through my standard paypal

Its also a helpful tip for any ebay sellers who dont use this and sell alot of items under 11$/£9.50

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When you said singles for some reason I was thinking $10-$50 cards. You are correct then it would be more economical to use the Micropayments Paypal :blush:

I signed up with PayPal/eBay both in 1999 and I never even heard of micro payments lol.

I’ve always wondered how the gold sellers sell a 1oz gold coin for minimal amounts over spot. Like a 1250.00 gold weight value coin for 1275.00. What percentage are they paying eBay and/or PayPal?

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same here, always wondered how sellers could sell items for 99 cents with usps tracking! I knew the latter, they’re using dhl global which costs like cents to ship something across the country but never understood how they got around the PayPal flat fee.

Love this forum…

Yea ha if you sell a certain amount each month you can have your paypal flat fee lowered, plus micro payments mean you can sell cheap items without paying large % in fees in comparison to the sold value. That 20pence can make or break small margin items ha

@garyis2000 could prove useful to some ebay sellers here, you can have a personal, a business and a micro payments paypal…plus choose which you use for sales. The personal is best for buying, micro under £9.50 and business for macro payments to you

Micropayments Discounts.

**If your transactions typically average less than £5, you could save money with our 5% + 5p rate.
More about micropayments.(£9.50 highest to make use of micro…anythign above its more economical to use standard…found below)

Merchant Rate fee table**

Your monthly sales Transaction fee
Up to £1,500 3.4% + 20p
£1,500.01 - £6,000.00 2.9% + 20p
£6,000.01 - £15,000.00 2.4% + 20p
£15,000.01 - £55,000.00 1.9% + 20p
+£55,000 Call 0800 358 79292 for pricing

Same here bro!

Gotta look into this myself. And this topic comes at a very good moment.
I was considering making a secondary eBay account, so I wouldn’t mix selling Pokemon and non-Pokemon listings.

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your email about adding micropayments to your account, I know that it can be worrying if you are currently paying too much in fees, which is putting you off being able to sell. Don’t worry I can get this resolved for you.

As you will being selling your items for less than £4.00 then you would really benefit from the micropayments, what I have done for you is request that these rates be applied to your account, this is normally done within 24 hours.

Once done, you processing rate will be 5% + 5p and I will email you back to confirm the rates have been applied. I am glad I was able to resolve your query today.

Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Yours sincerely,

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Example excluding postage and ebay, purely paypal:

£1 standard= 24pence Micro= 10pence
£2 standard= 27p micro= 15 pence
£3 standard= 30p Micro= 20p
£4 standard = 34p Micro= 25p

Small savings but say you sell 100 items a month
1200 a year x by 10pence= £120 saved each year

The above is just random numbers plucked as an example ha but its well worth getting if you sell alot of lower value items. Pretty much all of my current items to list fall under a tenner.The rest such as higher end ex,gx,full arts and graded cards can be put through standard paypal.

I hope this thread has helped some sellers :blush:

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