Pocket Monsters 1995 Topsun Gum Pack


I would like to know the price of a unopened Pocket Monsters 1995 Topsun Gum Pack like that :

Thanks !

$75-$100 are the most recent sales on ebay

three sealed boxes went for around 30,000-40,000 yen recently on Japanese auction.

Okay thanks.
I didn’t know that it was so expensive !

PS : Sorry, I didn’t ask to use your picture of the gum pack :confused:

Self edited to lighten the blow lol.

Bandai, TOPSUN, Mejie thin paper and or Stickers may be the biggest collectible loser in the Pokemon world.
There were MILLIONS produced and there’s hundreds of thousands of every number packed away all over the world.
I personally could blow your mind with all I have in storage.
Don’t spend too much for any of these cards.
That’s my tip of the day;)

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Huh (I don’t know if you are joking or not) …
How can you write that collectors will waste their money in a 1997 Bandai or 1995 Topsun sets, these sets are so unique and beautiful.
Moreover, although “there’s hundreds of thousands of every number packed away all over the world”, I don’t see a lot of Pocket Monsters 1995 Topsun Gum Pack on Ebay.
If you love these cards, you will not waste your money :wink:

Are you talking about this auction ?


I’m merely stating that the rarities not there so you should only pay a price relative to VERY common stickers/cards.
I know they get graded and marketed as being worth a lot but it’s smoke and mirrors. I’ve done it myself.
Maybe Glenn could verify that these items were highly distributed and there are still TONS around.

i rarely discuss these because I don’t want to hurt the market for a couple of friends/sellers but I don’t mind saying something on UPCCC;)

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Any chance you want to sell a whole bunch of them? I love those old stuff

Hi bags.
Mine are deep in storage and not organized except for some sets I keep on my shelves. I do have some 3000 cello booster Bandai packs handy but I think they’re from 1998and99. I’d sell those pretty cheap.
My blue/green back cards, except the Charizard’s I have listed, I can’t sell for another year as part of a sales agreement with a top ebay seller who purchased a load from me.

Like I mentioned to bags, the only ones handy cause I haven’t made it down to my storage locker in California to put them away are some 1998/99 sealed cello packs. I think the holos are 1998.
My next time down there I’ll grab some boxes of the older ones and if I have time I’ll organize some.

@garyis2000 I don’t think that the “special carddass” or the “000 carddass” from the 1997 Bandai carddass set are very common :wink:

I’m okay on the fact that some of the 1997 carddass or the 1995 topsun cards are relatively common, but in these collections there are some rarity like special carddass, holographic topsun cards, topsun error cards, sealed topsun packs, etc.
It is not a waste of money.

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@garyis2000 is jealous of your collection @linkdu83 Don’t mind him

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The 2 special carddass from the 97 set were just on auction this last weekend. Each sold for ~9000 yen. Also it’s not like the tcg sets weren’t mass produced… ALSO I will become a character on the popular show storage wars and hunt down Garys storage locker

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All the part 4 sealdass cards are so tricky to find!

I own boxes of 1,2,3 if you need any of them let me know. But part 4 I’ve never seen a box for sales as of yet.

While I agree the these cards (Bandai in particular) were mass-produced, I don’t think there are “tons” of them still around.

Certainly not in Japan, anyway. Parents here generally throw away most of the stuff their children collected once those children have grown up and left the house. Storage space (especially in the cities) is far too valuable to fill it up with boxes and boxes of trading cards that nobody would want to buy.

I’m aware there’s not giant amounts still in Japan. But there are plenty.
There are loads here though. I have a friend with 2 or 3 dozen Japanese vending machines and cases of the first 3 series. I have many bags, that would make many sets but I just haven’t messed with them in years.
I have several cases here myself so maybe I’ll take some pics if I have time later.

The 97 special cards (+jumbo pika) are promos so I think, like tcg promos, they have a solid capacity to hold value. Plus the artwork is Damn snazzy!

And @bagoly14 I will have to disagree with you because I plan on hoarding them LOL

You’re sitting on a potential gold mine, then. If you think putting them onto eBay would result in a flood of other sellers doing the same, then you should consider selling them through a recognized third-party (Mandarake, perhaps) in Japan. I’m sure there would be a solid market for them here, and I don’t think you’d have much competition. Whenever they do show up on YJ Auctions, they generally command high prices.

I’ve tried for years to sell these in bulk but only roused cherry pickers. I don’t want to take the time to sell singles or in small lots. So, they sit.
If you can find somebody legit who will buy big lots it would be great. I’ll start them off with one or two series (appx 20,000 with proper percentage of prism foil stickers each) of medium desirability and if they do well we’ll go from there.
If they’ve really picked up in value in Japan then it could be great for both of us.
Now, I may be able to secure 6-12 (or more) of the vending machines too if there’d be a nice profit in it and if they’d buy the lot.
Pm me Glenn when you come up with something:)

Nah, definitely out of my league! Mandarake would be your best bet, though there are a few heavy-duty YJ Auctions sellers who would probably be able to handle it as well.

Any personal referral would be great and thanks for your efforts:)