PayPal Goods & Services Internationally

Long story short, somebody in Denmark (I’m in PA) wants to buy some leftover WoTC era bulk I have left from some booster boxes I’ve opened. If I sold to him through PayPal goods and services what are my protections? Im not really feeling selling internationally through paypal but I figured I’d get some opinions before I made a decision. Thanks

Ship tracked and you will be fine. Declare full value as it doesn’t matter for US customers as we don’t pay customs fees. Insure your shipment if it is more than you can stomach to lose as Paypal won’t cover you if your shipper loses it in transit.

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Thanks for the info, I’ve never shipped/sold internationally through anything else but Ebay’s GSP. Do you have anymore advice outside of what you just said about insurance? (What carrier to use/what the general cost is/ or any other do’s & don’ts) Thanks in advance lol

It’s a Danish customer…

And the danish state wants a whopping 25%, if I am not mistaken.

Oh woops I had it backwards somehow. Same goes for insurance and full declaration except for they will have to pay some sort of customs. If they ask you to write down the value they are both asking you to help them break the law as well as asking you to carry all the risk. Don’t do it. Demand F&F if they want to pick the declared value.

Ship through USPS and just ask the clerk what options allow for insurance up to your value with full tracking. It won’t be super cheap.

The buyer is asking me to make the declared value $10 when it’s a $200 plus transaction so I’m probably not gunna do it. Its alot of hoops to jump through to save the person $15 lol

To quote a wise man, and our own moderator @funmonkey54 only a couple weeks ago on this same topic:


Marking it down would save him at the very least $50-$70 but it’s all up to you of course.

Not necessarily. It goes from me doing free shipping to charging $25 to $35 to ship internationally. The deal breaker for me is not being a to insure the package for what its worth if I declare it to be only worth $10.

Yeah, I feel you. You’re not obligated to sell to him so just choose what’s best for you.