Paying for your collections

How do you guys afford to add to your collections?

For me, it’s just whenever I sell stuff or when my birthday/Christmas comes around, I get some money to buy new stuff.
But people like Jacob’s Gengar, who I always see buying stuff, makes me wonder what else they do (I automatically assume you sell drugs).

I have a job.

I have Daelum

I work hard for my money and not a drug dealer.

Probably safe to say that most of us have jobs :blush: Not to mention that many buy and sell to help fund their collections.

Haha I know you don’t sell drugs.

So all ya’ll have jobs? What kind of jobs?

work of course, also buying/selling and saving, AND research…in-depth, relentless searching…and patience

I work for a small cookie company. I make the buttercream icing for all thirteen of the stores in Indiana. I’m also working as a substitute maintenance worker this summer for a school system.

Now that’s funny.

I’m a retired resort director and sometime pit boss.

@charlie: Your job sounds awesome!

I mostly fund my collection by buying and reselling (which is why my collection is growing very slowly). I usually only work in the summer and I have that money for the rest of the year. :blush:

Hey Pit Boss, Are you hiring? I can be your enforcer

Making buttercream sounds like so much fun :grin: tasty tasty fun :grin:

I need an enforcer to handle those idiots on the gym;)

A Job and coffee plantations throughout the country. :blush:

I have a relatively stable job. I don’t smoke or drink and just try to save money whenever I can. I also sell some cards to pay for new purchases. I don’t make lots of money selling cards though.

I have a nice job working as an adviser in insurances.
Don’t really ever make a (good) profit of Pokémoncards because I collect too much :wink: and often like to help other collectors.

My job is terrible. :grin:

It’s extremely difficult physical labor. I make minimum wage having worked for about 7 years (almost a year now on payroll) with no chance of advancement. It’s extremely unrewarding labor.

Luckily, I had this really cool event happen the other day that seems promising (story coming):

I was at a Target looking at Pokemon cards when an elderly looking gentleman walked up to me and saw I was wearing an Indiana Wesleyan University T-shirt. He asked if I was going there, to which I replied I was. He asked what I was going for and I told him Theology/Philosophy/Christian Ministry. He said that was really cool because that used to be his department and that he had just retired last year from his position as director of Intercultural Studies. He asked me a few more questions then gave me a business card for his marketing firm two blocks away from IWU’s campus and told me to give him a call when I moved in so that he could offer me a job!

Super cool story.

Sounds like a job Gary would offer me ._. but instead of minimum wage, he gives me a random holo card per hour.