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Yes the japan one was also severely under-priced. If that was listed anywhere online it would have been purchased in a heartbeat.

And I agree. Initially the Authenticated copy was in the 4kish range but they must have changed the price.

Hahaha that copy was price very competitively to say the least!

I don’t know, as a potential buyer, when I throw out an offer (and it surely was not what I would consider a low-ball) and suddenly the price goes up, I am a bit turned off from working on the price now if I am honest.

I agree. There are people who are simply out of their depth flipping these cards.

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I kind of feel people are less patient than a few years ago and like overpaying instead of waiting for another copy (and with the khan there will always be another copy)


Flipping only works as long as people are willing to pay the flipped price. The higher the flip the less likely the card will be as liquid of an asset as people get priced out.

It is a mixture of variables. Mostly increased awareness of the card + increased consumer income = less availability/higher prices.

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Not mine.


Hahaha both of those are long sold and truly under valued! I wish I could have gotten it for that price!

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Sometimes, it’s better to settle on *not* having something we want!

*Looks in mirror* Mike, why do you do the things that you do.

I am no longer in need of the trophy khan…call me a hypocrite if you want as I said I wouldn’t buy this copy, but I am happy :blush:


Lol your profile pic seems to sum up your sentiment


Very nice. I respect you a lot for things like this. Hope you didn’t pay too much more than you were comfortable paying though.

Hahaha thanks. Nah I got it for a decent price, while a bit more than I wanted (who wouldn’t want to get their cards cheaper) but not out of my comfort zone.