Opinion wanted on purchase

Greetings! New to the forum but not collecting. I have a question regarding a purchase I am going to make. I have the option to pay 300+ for a Japanese mew SAR from the 151 set in a PSA10 slab OR pay 230ish for the same card but in a CGC new slab style 10 (not pristine)

My concern is value hold not necessarily immediate resale. Is a cgc 10 gem mint just a repackaged 9.5 or is a cgc pristine 10 the true equivalent to psa 10 in quality of grade?

Is it worth it to spend the extra hundred on the psa slab for the sake of the psa slab??

Ps I like the LOOK of the new gem mint 10 slab cgc has released I think I would need to see a pristine in person to really tell if it pops or not.

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I am never buying regular 10 CGC slabs because my mind will always associate them with 9.5s


Personally I would prefer the PSA10 over CGC


Card wouldn’t have been PSA 10 → sent it to CGC for 9.5 → re-slab for new CGC 10 label → now it says 10

Maybe it was worth making a note of the cert number at which CGC introduced the new label so we can identify which were the old 9.5s and which are the tru 10s :upside_down_face:


CGC started converting 9.5s to 10s a while ago now. When 151 came out, there wouldn’t have been enough time to get a CGC 9.5 in the old label

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From the meme thread :grin:

Jokes aside, wait 6-9months and buy the psa slab. It will likely be cheaper than the CGC 10 slab is right now. If you buy now I can almost guarantee you will wish you waited 6-9 months.


For long term value I would definitely eat the $70 now and get the PSA slab.

I think people will continue to ask the same questions you are asking now about CGC slabs until the end of time, making value a little more subjective. There’s a lot less baggage that comes with buying a PSA slab.


Everyone will tell you to buy PSA cause PSA has a wild premium to anything else, especially now versus historically. Please just remember this is a highly printed, high quality card with an 80%+ psa 10 hit rate. The cgc 10 in this case will almost certainly be the same quality. Will it hold the same value, probably not. Will it be cheaper outlay for the same exact card, yes.


I think that PSA is the way to go if your plan is to re-sell at any point. It will maximize the amount of potential buyers (liquidity) simply because more people collect PSA slabs and also the overall re-sale value tends to be higher I feel. However, if you’re just collecting and plan to keep it regardless, you could really go with either company IMO.


Buy the cgc one and reslab to psa. There is a whole thread dedicated to it. Maybe check that out to get an idea of the crossover rates

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As others have said, I treat all CGC 10s as CGC 9.5/PSA 9 equivalents, especially for vintage. But this card just came out. For ultramodern cards, I can’t imagine that there is much difference at all between PSA 10, CGC Pristine, CGC 10, BGS 10, BGS Black Label, etc. beyond the centering.

If you want an economical buy → CGC 10
If you want to sell it in the future → PSA 10


Yeah this is my whole thinking. I have one cgc 9.5 and I always had dreams of resubbing it to get that psa 10 but I may just get the sub grades taken off with cgc eventually.

Exactly where my heads at

PSA 1428 graded 1169 are PSA 10 (81,8% gem rate)
Source :
CGC 72 graded 54 are CGC 10 (12 pristine 42 gem mint) ( 75% gem rate)

So, even though CGC is less strict than before, it is still more so than PSA.

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The difference is not statistically meaningful

The 95% confidence interval for the PSA 10 rate is 81.9-83.8%
The 95% confidence interval for the CGC 10 rate is 64.0-83.6%

The number of copies CGC has graded is not enough to reach a conclusion that there is any difference at all between how 10s are given for this particular card. In other words, the CGC gem rate is more like 75% ± 10%

With respect to the question in the OP, it is extremely hard to try to predict what people will be feeling about PSA and CGC in 5 years. A bigger and more important factor will actually be how people feel about the Mew SAR in 5 years because there isn’t a world where the PSA copy goes up or down 10x in value and the CGC copy doesn’t at least follow proportionally. Plus you can always crack and regrade with the other company if it does become an issue.

Despite what I just wrote above, the fact that 1428 people chose PSA and 72 chose CGC and the PSA copy still sells for more tells you all you need to know about where people stand on the two grading companies in this moment.