noob question

I just started collect graded pokemon card as a hobby (actually only greninja).
I wonder that should I buy the new Hidden Fates ungraded shiny greninja(s) and get them graded myself and hope to get a PSA 10 or should I wait and buy an already graded one when it is on the market ?
Sorry for the noob question. As I am new to this hobby, I literally have no idea which is the better way to get a PSA 10 shiny greninja.


I would imagine that buying an already graded copy would be easier and probably even cheaper.
It depends on how much you value the grading experience. Does the chase of hunting down and grading your own copy sound like a lot of fun? If so, do it yourself.


Thank you for your suggestion.
I think I will wait for an already graded one.

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Any post XY-Evolutions card is going to grade a 10 if it comes straight from the pack. Definitely buy them graded already than going through the process of having them graded yourself. Wait a few months after cards are released because demand for newer cards is pretty low and supply will be quite large, especially on these Hidden Legends ultras.

Look for auctions and Best Offers on ebay. People in fb groups will probably cut you good deals as well.


Time is also another big factor as PSA has been massively backed up. I just sent in one card the other day for “25 business days”, got it back in 45ish. I do like the anticipation of “your grades are ready”. I normally can’t wait till the box gets here and just look at it online.