No Dot Code Kyogre ex Variant

I just bought the No Dot Code Kyogre ex from a friend for 150usd. But I have noe more information on in it. I know it’s limited to Scandinavian and Australia but no idea if I over payed since this card sealed never comes up. Do any one here know anything more about it? Kind regards :blush:


Do you have a photo of the card? I am not familiar with this variant

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This is interesting. Had no idea this was a thing. I tried looking for sales data, but a quick search didn’t show anything. Maybe you’ll be the benchmark for the card’s price.

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Perhaps. I am sending it of to grade sealed with PSA and hopefully they will grade it. I will of course post the grade if I remember it. I have also found a couple of them here in Norway in very bad condition. I found some more information on it. In Norway they where realesed with Donald Duck magazines back in the days. A very interesting card.
Wondering if PSA will recognize the card.


But if there is any more information, whether psa grade it and possibly price. It would help a lot and thank you in advance.

Can’t add any useful information, except that I’ve only seen 4-5 thus far in 8 years time (keeping in mind that I don’t specifically look for them, so only see them here on Efour or reddit). Here a picture of it next to a Groudon (not mine, just a picture I saved):

They’re defintely pretty rare, especially still sealed (which I’ve only seen once thus far).

Didn’t knew this. I know it was released in Australia inside a K-Zone magazine. And I have heard it was also released in some Scandinavian countries, but never knew how. So Norwegian Donald Duck is defintely plausible, especially since the non-holo Dratini and Larvitar with stamp came in Swedish and Danish Donald Duck as well:

Swedish Donald Duck that contained the Larvitar and Dratini:

Danish Donald Duck:

PS: PSA will most likely grade them, but not give them a special label compared to their regular versions with bar I’d imagine. :person_shrugging: Not sure, though.



Whoa this very informative! Thank you so much :star_struck:. I am really excited now. If there is any guidelines on price it would also be very helpful :grin:. Kind regards

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