Need Help figuring out what I should do with my collection

Hi I have a decent collection of cards and was curious what I should do with them?
Should I get them all graded? Sell them as is?

Just want some experts help assessing what the best process would be as I’m a noob to this forum.

I do want to sell them at some point.

Link to photos:

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Hey @Beeefy,

If your cards are in excellent condition, grading the holos may be worthwhile. However, if these are childhood cards, it’s unlikely that they’ll be in great shape.

One option for grading is going through a large company like PWCC or Goldin to grade and sell the cards for you.

If you’re looking for cash quickly, you could always sell the cards to your nearest local game store. They’re likely to pay between 40%-60% of the market price depending on condition and desirability of the card, and then a flat rate for commons and uncommons.

Finally, you could list all of the cards as a lot on eBay. It may not get you the most amount of money, but it would be the quickest/easiest option.

Sorry to hear that you’re leaving the hobby, but I hope that the money you get from selling your cards goes to good use!


Thanks for the tips! They are all in pretty good shape.(minus the one charizard that was the only card to survive our house fire :rofl:) I was one of the weird kids that didn’t actually play with them and stored them in sleeves/binders lol.

I’m familiar with Psa and Bgs as well.

I guess I just need to pony up the cash and get the best ones graded. I know it will be worth it but I’m semi strapped for cash.

Thanks again.

The timeframe for how fast you need the money is probably the biggest factor. If you need cash relatively fast but don’t want to take a big hit on value, you could list them raw/individually. This might save you 60-90 days for grading while also squeezing value out of them.

If you want to increase the value of them put them in the sun and fade them then submit them for grading. Massive premiums. :wink:


This is da wae lol

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Lol have you seen some of the posts on here of these cards selling way above?

If you need the cash now, sell each card raw individually on eBay, at least the more valuable ones.
If you have time, but don’t have extra cash to pay grading fees before eventually selling them, look into Z&G Emporium consignment service. They will take your card, pay for the grading fees, auction them, and then give you the net from the sale (grading fees, their cut). You don’t have to front any money for the grading fees.


Would it be best to sell them individually or as a completed set? For instance I have a compete team rocket set Japanese and English. Should each card be graded and then sold as a set or sold as singles.

Thank you everyone for your guidance. Truly appreciate it!

Keep them raw(not graded)
I noticed some graded cards are just 5-$10 more of the grade is a PSA 5-8
Not worth it unless it’s a PSA 10 or to prove the card isn’t fake you could grade it.

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