Need advice/Buying Ex Battle Boost

Hi guys, newbie collector soulsilver here! I have set my mind on collecting the EX Battle Boost set since I have completed Wild Blaze a while ago and have nothing better to do. However I’ve decided to only collect the reverses along with the EX’es and full arts to have a totally non-normal card set.
What I wish to get some advice on is how I should go about procuring the cards. Should I go by boxes? Lots? Singles? I figured that since I don’t want the normal cards, boxes are kinda not worth it and I abhor having extras. So is there a more economical and practical way to go about doing this? I would like this to be kind of a long term project that I can play around with between new set releases, yet I understand the economics of buying in bulk so I don’t know which way to take it.
In the meantime, if someone here has a good portion of what I’m looking for please shoot me a PM to make a deal!
P. S. 1st ED only!

Hi @soulsilver ! :blush:

I finished my own set toward the end of last year and so I do have some advice. Keep an eye out on eBay auctions for lots on the RH cards. Most of them are not that expensive ($3-4 a card), and not many collectors have the patience to complete this set. I think now is a good time to complete the set since Unlimited prints are out there and the 1st ED print will only become more difficult to obtain over time.

I would try not to spend too much on individual cards. While on eBay, make sure to do a wide variety of searches such as “EBB RH”, “EBB Rev”, “EX Battle Mirror”, etc. There are a ton of different terms that can yield the results you want, but they are becoming more difficult to find and they were already hard to get. I am not sure if you know this or not, but EBB RH cards are around 1:6 packs. Y!J auctions might also be a good source for cards, but I haven’t personally tried this as I am kinda new to Y!J auctions.

P.S. I might have a contact with a partial set available for purchase. Let me know if you are interested. :blush:

Hi! Thanks for the advice soulwind! I will look into ebay auctions and some poketubers as well :blush:
And I might be interested in the offer sometime down the road, will send a PM then, cheers!

I have them all for sale, pm me