MTG: Kaldheim Appreciation Post

I’m always looking at magic the gathering sets thinking about how I should start a small collection. Gather only the greatest art from each set, so that I’m not spending thousands a day trying to get them all. Some of these Kaldheim cards may have just swayed me.

I’m not a big fan of a lot of the character art, but the monsters and landscapes are beautiful.
Anyone got any favourites from this set?


Absolutely agree, mtg is knocking it out of the park art wise. My personal favorite from Kaldheim is Disdainful Stroke

Go for the collection btw, nothing more satisfying than opening a binder full of cards you love the artwork of! :wink:


Wow - eradicator valkyrie is stunning! Gonna pick up that set I think.

Also, I’m out of touch but is there insane power creep?!? Same casting cost as juzam djinn but you can get all of that!


The foil Phyrexian Vorinclex will be the first modern Magic card I ever grade. It’s just so cool!

Also, my sample size wasn’t huge, but out of 60 collector’s boxes I only opened 2 of them. Waaaaay less than every other card. Potentially could be a pretty rare card.

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Man… MTG is so beautiful

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I know nothing about MTG nd I couldn’t name a single card from the set but I like the packaging for the collector’s edition. Looks like a black metal album or something. Pretty cool.

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It’s no more OP than recent creatures:

Power creep has been happening for a while as creatures catch up to removal + planeswalkers. The creatures that were recently banned in Standard have all been creatures that were basically masquerading as spells, like Uro and Omnath. These all had powerful enter the battlefield abilities that made them effectively card-advantageous against anything besides counterspells.

Both of these cards would still be underpowered when compared to the spells of the early days like Dark Ritual, Ancestral Recall, Balance, etc. So less power creep and more rebalancing the game to what the majority of players find “fun” (bashing with creatures)


Very cool… that makes sense. I will forever be rooted in the early days. Last set I really collected and played was the dark, and fallen empires marked the end of my mtg playing. I still play and build with old school decks though. Love the game. And I’ve tracked many if the newer sets ok and off

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They did an amazing job with the art/aesthetics of this set. 100% agree.

Also just want to comment on how great it is to see people recognizing the beauty of less playable MTG cards. Scorn Effigy really does have amazing art, but MTG people would completely miss it because the card isn’t viable for competitive play.

If you’re looking for other MTG sets with amazing art, I’d recommend you check out Lorwyn and Shadowmoor blocks. In my opinion, those sets were the peak of MTG art. Kaldheim is beautiful, but the art is a bit too digital/polished for my taste. They still did a fantastic job with it, though.


You know what set also reminds me of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor? Throne of Eldraine, one of the best modern sets art wise.


Agreed! I just wish they brought back the tribal theme, though :slightly_frowning_face:. But definitely a strong set for art, especially the showcase arts.

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theros was fun and I like the art/theme. fight me

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Terrible limited format, zero collectability due to overprinting, and low power level, but I agree about the art/theme. The negatives definitely outweighed the positives for me lol; not a fan of that block.

I know it may not statistically huge, but man I’d love to open 60 collector boxes. I am hoping for foil Phyrexian Vorinclex or foil Borderless Pathways in the 3 boxes I plan to open.

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I started a fair bit later around the Tempest block. I still remember my Spike deck fondly (Spike Weaver from Exodus was disgusting). Nowadays I get my fix with the MTG Arena game instead of buying new modern cards.

Totally recommend if you want to simply play with the newer stuff. I say this as someone who used to be somewhat competitive and MTGA has been a great substitute. I even managed to rank top 1000 globally in both limited and constructed!

For collecting, I have a full set of signed artist proofs from Donato Giancola, and I pick up random vintage oddities like this

I look at my giant stacks of older MTG RL-era cards nowadays and wish I spent more money on older WotC Pokemon cards, but alas…

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I have never played karma but it’s a bane of many set collectors. I’m more of an alpha guy but beta Karma is one of the most off center cards of any TCG. It’s still only pop 1 in 9.5 after all of these years. I was going through some of my old cards recently and found a stack of probably 200 beta karmas. I tried so hard to get a 9.5. At one point I bought every copy available on the internet. This one is my alpha copy. Pop 16 which I don’t consider to be low pop for Alpha.


You’re right but for whatever reason I loved Theros. I think it was the theme and easy play mechanics. It was my first and only exposure to drafting

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i have been collecting the newer sets for their art. i don’t play mtg, but their art in recent years have been epic. too many to name. i am thinking of getting the new kaldheim set tomorrow for its release, but really looking forward to the HP-themed Strixhaven set coming out after Kaldheim.

Huh, that’s a very interesting fact about Beta Karma. If you don’t mind me asking, are there any other 93/94 era cards that you’ve handled that also seem to have categorically poor production qualities?

Don’t get me started. Alpha or beta? :thinking:

Summary answer there are MANY of them. Another interesting is beta Stone Giant. Almost all of them have a nick on the card in the exact same spot. Another one I bought hundreds of trying to get a gem mint copy.

In alpha there are so many cards that have issues, either with centering or printer ink splotches. Personal Incarnation in Alpha is the lowest pop card in 9 and 9.5 given the major issues it has with ink splotches.