Modestmudkip's BUYLIST (Gold Star, crystal, boxes)

Hello, this will be my long term buylist and is subject to change. I WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT RAW CARDS for sure, but I specify the desired range of condition. If you’ve got one a little lower quality feel free to dm me. All prices came directly from for the most part. I am located in the USA, but can sell buy or trade worldwide!
I’ll put a * near the current highest wants
Any condition opened (empty) booster boxesexpedition $100-200
Shiningsshining noctowl 1st psa 7ish 150-250shining mewtwo 1st psa 6ish 550ish* shining gyarados 1st psa 6ish 450ish
Gold Stars/Crystals(all around psa 6ish)* umbreon 650ishtreecko 350ishgroudon 250ish
* crystal lugia psa 7-8 800ish* crystal ho-oh psa 7ish 600$


I found the 1st edition Shining Charizard for $544.84 in moderate played condition online thru a reputable site. It just doesn’t have pics. Pm me if this helps you and I’ll tell you where to find it. Same site should also have the other Shinings

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update added gold stars

updated changed some prices and added crystal lugia, also interested in other crystals

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Hey @modestmudkip , are you interested in a NM+ crystal crobat reverse?

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potentially yes! Feel free to send me a dm

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Got a 7 noctowl I’d sell for 250.

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Pm’ed about Kyogre GS

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I found a few of the cards I needed and added some crystals that I need. I recently sold all 3 of these and now decided I like them so offers are back up

If youd consider a crease for a ho oh, this is about as good as it could get for a binder card for auction, best of luck !

Oh trust I am watching that one haha

celebi found for a bit more than I sold mine for, so consider me just a bit of a fool
lugia and ho oh are next priorities

added opened ereader booster box wants

Hey @modestmudkip , I’ve got a Magikarp for you

I have a Skyridge empty box in fairly good condition. It does have the e-reader yellow sticker on it though.
Don’t mean to sound like a d**k, but I’m terrified of selling to someone who will re-seal, do you have like an empty box colleciton or anything to alleviate my fears?

Do PSA 8’s interest or strictly 6ish?

lol no worries I just want the 3 ereader boxes for a cool background in my opening videos. I was inspired after I got the aquapolis one

I don’t mind, any grade above a 6 I will consider

Sweet! I have a PSA 8 Shining Magikarp 1st PM me at your convenience!

ok I sent you a message on instagram