HELLO POkEMON community!!!

Currently looking to buy a deoxys Ex booster box I’m offering PURE CASH no low ball offer what’s so ever! If you or know someone who has me please help me out willing to discuss price but I have cash ready to Buy! Seriously would like to get one soon!

10k-11k USD - Think That’s. Very well price

Make your offer then…


@pokehoarderinc all buy threads require a price so you know, just to let you know. In the buy thread specifically theres a pinned post with rules, guidelines, and good examples of what these threads look like. people will be willing to help so long as they follow suit. hope this helps!

No problem I’ll update now

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Nice offer! haven’t seen a box in a while though. those EX era boxes don’t show up much, especially the one you are looking for. Good luck on acquiring one!! free bump~