Low PSA Grades

So guys I stumbled across a very interesting video on YouTube last night. Basically the video talks about how lower rated PSA grades actually have better ROI than their 10 counterparts. Which makes me super happy because I’m the type of person who will grade anything because I want those cards protected. So my question for you guys that have more experience than me is have you notice your lower graded cards increase by a lot over the years. And are lower PSA cards a better and cheaper investment? Thanks Guys!

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This is too broad of an inquiry to answer with a blanket statement. It’s certainly true for some cards, but not others.

I think the main point being made is that in some cases you’ll see a low-grade card can go from $20 to $100 in the same period of time as the PSA 10 copy goes from $500 to $1500. So if you spend $500, you can get 25 copies of the lower grade and quintuple your money over that time, where if you used that $500 to buy one PSA 10 copy, you only tripled your money.

This seems nice in theory, but you have to also have to consider liquidity. It’s a lot more difficult to unload 25 PSA 6s than one PSA 10. How much is your time worth? Take a lot of time to sell 25 cards.


You know what’s funny is I have an easier time selling the lower graded cards than the higher grade. I’ve seen people have no problem spending $20 on a graded card. But you are right it all depends on the card.

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