Loose packs or booster boxes????

I’m just wondering is it better to buy the loose packs for the newer sets or the older sets for booster boxes. Or booster boxes for new and old.

Boxes always, unless you get a good deal on loose packs from a reputable seller.

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I always caution even if the seller is honest, are all of his employees?

Did you just assume the sellers gender?





I didn’t feel like saying their employees.


For new sets it’s best to buy singles.

Learned that the hard way, spent $500 buying generations packs and never pulled the M zard, when I could have just bought it for $18 in the fist place as a single.



Boxes over boosters anyday

Booster boxes. On top of the fact packs can be weighed booster boxes usually have a pull rate. When you buy loose packs your variance goes way up.

I often do worse with loose than the box pull rate, though I have been lucky and pulled a lot more money cards from loose packs. So it has evened out. I know once I did so bad I swore I wouldn’t open blisters anymore after only getting 1.5 boxes worth of RR or better cards after 4 boxes worth of packs. I really cut down but them started pulling a lot of UR’s so I am back to opening more again.

Boxes for newer sets, boxes for older unless you cant afford then loose packs.Be aware of weighing, however if its just older packs one of each art then its cool!
newer sets booster boxes guarantee x amount of pulls with some wild cards, random boosters are more expensive and dont guarantee anything…plus higher chance of weighing. New booster boxes are so cheap theres no reason not to if wanting packs

comes down to your budget aswell…new sets always boxes though imo.What are you doing with these packs/booster boxes? thats the main q.

I gonna say something different.

3 PACK BLISTERS! Their retail pricing is at 5$ per pack, I believe distributor prices on them are 7$ per blister (I once freeze-framed Deriums invoice on his channel) making that a 2.5$ per pack. Having good variation, sometimes older packs that are end of cycle end up in blisters long after. I picked up a 3 blister last week with Roarings, Evolutions and SM in it.

And with the 3 pack blisters, from own experience, one of the 3 packs contains the white code card so holo or better. They take up less space (unless you start buying cases of them) and have a lower entry level if you don’t wanna go super bulk every time.

But @ticktock2 , I am just wondering. Why you making a thread about ‘what is best to buy’, ‘should I buy X as investement’ or ‘what is best investement’ like every 3-4 weeks? If you can’t read the market, can’t do research yourself maybe you should just go flip cards and not invest.

Good pulls aren’t guaranteed from blisters though, I guess you have been lucky. I’ve opened many with all packs having a regular rare.

I opened a tin and didnt even get a holo…or rev rare haha but thats my luck! So i buy booster boxes of new sets to open one rather than gambling on my poor luck :grin:

Hmm, really? I’ve never came across a 3-blister without 1 ‘holo pack’. Maybe I just have been lucky =)
Still, I think for the ‘sealed product’ POV, blisters are a nice thing to go for if single boosters are sketchy (weighted) and a full box is out of budget.

Because he is a smart cookie and realizes he can get better info here than from self research.

Idiom my father used to always say to me “The smartest kid in my class was the kid who asked the most questions.”

Self research with only 3 months of data available on eBay and so much junk on the internet is worth way less then here for many things, including what was asked in the original question.

If he keeps asking questions while we keep silent we will be asking him questions in a few years.

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Posted while I was posting and packing orders.

I agree with this. If you are looking to only spend x and can get a sealed blister that is the safest way to go.

Ross tried to prove the blister packs are better thing. The camera was rolling so you can guess how it went!


He trying to proof blisters got a higher pull rate for HR/SR/RR. I merely pointed out I always have one pack with a white-card in it, so a holographic card in every blister. This holo can be something better, but I never said I pulled HR/SR/RR out of every blister :wink: