Looking for the Shining Pokemon from the SM3+

I currently need all of them including Ho-Oh but excluding the weird Mewtwo.

I would prefer that the cards are gem mint worthy, which is usually guaranteed for Japanese but I’m willing to value them a little higher for this.

I have some Best of XY mirror foils and regular EX/BREAK extras for trade bait. If you want to know what I have just ask.

Otherwise I’m willing to do PayPal. I don’t want to pay more than $5-$7 each but it can be negotiated. Ho-Oh may be a little more.

PM sent. :blush:

Unfortunately I think even on the lower side of their current sale prices, $7 might not be enough for the Mew, Lugia and Rayquaza.

I have seen the Ho-oh sell for around the $7 mark though.

Prices have been quite steady in the initial two week period since release, so they might come down a bit if you’re patient =)

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