Looking for Korean Blastoise

Forgot to bid on the one that was on ebay the other day.

Need it for my set of three!


Graded/Ungraded. I’ll ultimately be getting these cards graded so doesn’t matter. What do you have?

I have sets I’m not breaking but I’m listing Korean base tomorrow and I have PSA 8 and 9 1st Ed Blastoise’ in that group. Today I listed Spanish, Chinese, French, and German PSAs but just 50 or so extras I had.
The Koreans I’m listing amount to appx 20.
They’ll be listed by tomorrow night. If you want to offer on them just pm me.

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yes, you should buy from Gary!! his a great source for foreign pokemon cards! I definitely would recommend him!

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Sorry I didn’t get the notification of a reply here…

Thanks for letting me know!