Looking for BW Secret Rares in PSA 10

Hey y’all I’m now expanding my collection to include BW secret rares. I’m looking for the following cards in PSA 10:

Emboar Next Destinies (BIG PRIORITY… Lots of nostalgia)
Chandelure Next Destinies
Zoroark Next Destinies
Hydreigon Next Destinies
Gardevoir Dark Explorers
Reuniclus Dragons Exalted
Serperior Dragons Exalted
Krookodile Dragons Exalted
Rayquaza Dragons Exalted
Terrakion Boundaries Crossed
Altaria Boundaries Crossed
Blastoise Plasma Storm
Empoleon Plasma Freeze
Garchomp Plasma Freeze

These are the cards that I’m looking for the most. I’m hunting these cards because they were the sets that I first grew up with and Black and White and BW2 were the games I first grew up with. Therefore, now that I have the money to at least buy a few of these cards, I’m gonna take the opportunity to look for em.

On a side note, Emboar is such a huge priority for me because it is the starter that I first picked when I started playing the games, and I have a lot of nostalgia tied with it from the first BW games. Also the shiny version looks so dang good!

To be honest, I’m not sure what some of these go for because the pop is so low on some of these and I can’t find comps, but for the ones that have sold, I am willing to match previous Ebay comps. Thank you for your time!

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I think you need to add some buy prices.


@lmac1021, As per the rules please add prices to your post or it risks being removed!

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