LF: fossil & jungle holos PSA 9/10 H: Korean and Chinese

1st edition. Especially keen on the legendary birds. Just seeing how many fossil/jungle PSA 10 cards I can get for the following things:

PSA 10:
Gengar full art #90
Charizard ex #55
Rayquaza #86
M blastoise ex #15
M venusaur ex #2

PSA 9:
Charizard #89
1st edition Korean Base set Venusaur
1st edition Chinese base set venusaur
English base set unlimited blastoise

PSA 8:
1st edition Chinese magneton
Unlimited Chinese hitmonchan
Chinese machamp

Ungraded Chinese holos:

Also considering trading my complete Korean holo set. Currently at PSA, but I have these so far. I’m trying to get the jungle/fossil holo sets in PSA 10. Would drop to 9s if a good deal.

PSA 10 venusaur
PSA 9 blastoise
PSA 8 Charizard

hay joe i have i think for of each jungle and fossil at 9 :blush:

All nines, no tens? I’ll wait on tens in this thread, but I’ll keep you in mind.

yeah sure and yeah only 9s i have :blush:

sorry haha see what happens and maybe get back to me

Bump n’ grind

Updated. Now have various ungraded NM/M Chinese holos to trade.