JP Special Art Pokémon Card Gallery (BW, XY, SM, SWSH)

If I ever build a modern binder, I will definitely use this as a reference point.


Updated to S12 Paradigm Trigger :coffee:


Hey Koala, thanks for making this awesome list!

Would you consider this Giratina to make the list? And if so, would you partner it with the Darkrai, which follows the Team Plasma theme (but is not an alternate art, similar to Team Aqua’s Kyogre EX). Giratina (Plasma Storm 62) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

I put them in this thread :point_down:t4:

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I think there is a small mistake, as the info for Paradigm Trigger cards is also under the remix bout cards :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how that even happened, but fixed!

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S12a VSTAR Universe Art Rares, Special Art Rares and Special Art UR VSTAR updates are now complete :coffee: Enjoy!


You’re doing god’s work :raised_hands:


Entries added for Scarlet & Violet’s first sets with the return of AR (Art Rare) and SAR (Special Art Rare) :coffee:


Updated with official images of AR & SAR Pokémon in S12a VSTAR Universe;

and official images of today’s reveals for SV1S Scarlet ex & SV1V Violet ex

Now includes tabs for ‘Connected Artworks’ e.g. Gardevoir ex & Spidops ex evolution lines

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Those Scyther cards! Really cool connected artwork! Thanks for the update @koala. Feel like modern sets keep throwing out some awesome cards.

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TPC added official images of UR cards in the SWSH era today, including the UR VSTARs of S12a VSTAR Universe

S12a VSTAR Universe

Pokémon Japanese Set Number Type Artist
Origin Palkia VSTAR オリジンパルキアVSTAR S12a VSTAR Universe 259/172 UR AKIRA EGAWA
Origin Dialga VSTAR オリジンディアルガVSTAR S12a VSTAR Universe 260/172 UR AKIRA EGAWA
Giratina VSTAR ギラティナVSTAR S12a VSTAR Universe 261/172 UR AKIRA EGAWA
Arceus VSTAR アルセウスVSTAR S12a VSTAR Universe 262/172 UR AKIRA EGAWA