Japanese Crystals, Unlimited vs First Edition, price check?

Hello to everyone, I’m Nick, an Italian Pokefan :blush:

I’m a new collector and member and i’d like to ask you some questions.

i’d like to begin saying that i’ve almost completed the set japanese unlimited crystals in PSA 10 (need to upgrade my psa9 nido to a 10 and swap my 1st ed lugia psa 10 for an Unlimited one).

  • First of all, why is the First edition version of the japanese crystals more expensive than the unlimited one despite the smaller printrun?

  • Secondly, is there a ballpark value for these cards? some have little to no sold on ebay and many times the pice tag on the sold one is next to a half of the available ones (lugia psa 10 for example).

  • Do we know the pull for these beauties? i’ve found very discordant versions on the internet so far.

  • what do you think will be their destiny? dip in price or slowly raise in value?

I hope this will be fun, thanks in advance and sorry if i’ve asked stupid questions.

Nick :grin:

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Price is driven by supply and demand. The demand for the 1st ed stamp is a bigger factor than the relative rarity between 1st ed and unlimited here

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