Is this tape normal for a tin case?

Hey Guys

I bought a case of CZ Tins here in Europe.
I was a bit surprised that it came with clear tape like this:

The cases I usually get have a big red stop sign on the tape like this:

Is it likely that this case been opened or is this tape normal?
I could not find any residue of a different tape on the box and the shop was a quite big one on cardmarket.

EDIT: An eBay check shows similar cases, but why don’t they use the normal STOP tape here?

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I don’t know about the tape but if it was from kelz0r i find it highly unlikely there’s anything wrong with it, with their volume i doubt they sell anything outside products directly from tpci


This one was not from kelz0r. This one was from HallofGames, but they also have 50k Sales, 98% positive review rate. That’s why I also find it highly unlikely but also very unusual as I have never seen such a top on any TPCi case.

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