Is there a topic about warnings for scams (on ebay)

I am not very active on Ebay, but recently I sold a card and an attempt of scam was done me.
Don’t know if scam is the correct word for it, but I am still impressed by the ways people try to “steal”.

Perhaps this is very common, but again since I am not that active on ebay for me it was new.
After I sold the card I got a message at ebay.
This was the text.
So excited! We recently moved and somehow I forgot to update my address, the correct one since we’ve moved is….

13820 NE Airport Way
Suite #K425122
Portland, OR, 97251-1158

Thank you greatly

Now while there is a blue box in this message (from ebay) letting you know this is not the BUYER it still is possible people can make a mistake.
While I directly saw the message came from a zero feedback person while I sold it to somebody with a tracable amount of feedback, Still I didn’t believe this was real.

While I am old enough to know people go far to “steal” this really made me feel sad.
No I didn’t ship to this scammer.
But I did send a message back:

In that case our meeting will be Wednesday 24 augustus between 5PM - 8 PM.
Excited to meet you in person to hand over this item.

See you in 4 days.

Afterwards I had a good laugh about it, but how many times will this kind of tricks work?
I stayed away from ebay a long time, I don’t even dare to sell my boosters/boxes there because of the scamming, Now the next level is trying to “steal” sold items?

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Here’s a general thread about it. Could be a good guide to flesh out in the future. Never ship to an address other than the one ebay provides to you otherwise you open yourself up to an item not received claim


Well most threads are about either the seller or the buyer tries to scam.
But this is a 3rd person looking over the sold listings and contacting the seller.