In The Good Old Days I Paid...

Back in 2014 I bought a complete 151 set for $190 (Base/Jungle/Fossil). Any card that could be holo was holo and all non-holos were shadowless or first edition. Cards were in great condition too.


No. Made enough to cover rent tho


December 2016. Wish prices were still like this.


I think I sold a lot of my EX-era pack-fresh holos for a pittance myself in that era. Told myself that I would only ever care about collecting WOTC so got shot of the lot for what I could get. Can’t remember the exact prices but definitely sold a lot of NM exs for under £10 apiece on ebay auctions with very few people interested.

What a stupid mistake lol. I did keep a select few cards luckily (Salamence EX from Deoxys and Rayquaza EX from Dragon to name 2) but that still annoys me.

At a similar time I sold off a whole binder of Expedition/Aquapolos/Skyridge Commons, Uncommons, Non-Holo Rares and Reverses, mostly in NM-LP condition, and got around £30 for it iirc. Another terrible mistake. Wish I still had those cards now that the art from that era has really grown on me (I was much more dismissive of it back then).

Fortunately for me most of my nice cards are graded from my childhood. :joy: That said, in 2018 I sold two minty 1st edition Lugias from Neo Genesis and immediately bought a PSA 9 back for $200 so I’ll take it!

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In circa year 2000 or 2001, I almost paid $100+ for a Black Lotus in a card shop. Back then I was still a teen, and $100+ was several weeks’ pocket money to me. In the end I passed it. It’s now one of my greatest life’s regrets till today.

*Can’t remember exact price. Unaware at that time if it’s alpha or beta or unlimited, was only a teen.


in a very distance past in the year 2020 i purchased these cards on ebay.

Mario pikachu poncho sealed and graded both 10’s for 190 sold for 10k in june 2023

Pikachu and mimikyu munch psa 10 for 270
Both sold for 10k in june 2023

Pikachu magikarp poncho psa 10 for 129
Sold for 2500 in june 2023

2 x eevee munch psa 9 for 40 each
Sold for 450 each in june 2023

Rowlet munch psa 10 for 66
Sold for 500 in june 2023

For the ebay cards i paid total 750, sold for 24k back in june 2023.

With all the profits i got myself a lot of 1st edition base holos psa 9 and now getting a full shadowles psa 9 / 10 set as well.

I also bought some vintage cards at the end of 2020 top so i lost some money too😅


If you’re patient enough, sometimes the Cabal will reveal to you their secrets. :small_red_triangle:

Great timing, congrats!


I’m glad I kept the price stickers on some of my cards from when I was a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad.


I spend every single day looking at cards and i have never seen that awesome Aerodactyl before


Man you need to do a vending binder! Its super affordable right now too. The art was way ahead of its time. One of the best sets to put together!


First and only binder set I ever finished :sparkles:

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I wasn’t sure if it was that set but like smpratte said it’s from the Vending series set. There are so many amazing artworks in that set. Would love to put it together. I have a few but fun to know I had found some here in the US when I was a kid.