How to make a good Buying thread.

Here on E4 we don’t allow direct selling threads, however we do allow and encourage Buying threads. Whether it is those Super Rare Promo cards, looking to fill holes in your set collections, or looking to buy the new release Ultra Rare or Super Rare set cards. It is all welcome here.

Please note that these are NOT Rules, but are instead Tips and Guidelines to make your Buying Topic better.

Here are some useful tips to building an easily accessible and understandable “Buy” thread.

1) Always make sure to be as specific as possible on which card(s) you want.“Base Set Charizard” can mean many things. 1st Edition, Shadowless, Foreign Language, and Copyright Variants. Make sure you let people know which one you are looking for before they have to ask.

2) Be specific about condition.
Always state what condition of the card(s) you are looking for. (Gem Mint, Mint, Near Mint etc). This also applies if you want Graded cards.
If you are flexible with condition make sure that is clear.

3) Being specific about what price you are offering can make all the difference.
You are MUCH more likely to get replies and/or PM’s from people if they know straight away what sort of money you are willing to spend for the card(s) you want.

**4) Be flexible, polite, and friendly.**People are much more willing to negotiate and deal with you if you have respect, and are much more likely to recommend you to other people for buying. If you don’t want to deal with someone, or want to reject a price they have offered. Be nice about it. Not replying at all is even worse.

Here are 2 example posts. The first is a bad example, the second is a good example.



If you use these tips your topics will get a lot more vision and open up the interest in what you want immensely.
Good luck!


Really helpful


Here is a real example of a successful Buy thread!

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Great info!