How do you set out your binders!

Ok so it seem the majority of ppl are going release order with all languages and versions of said art together.

So what if English releases say 8 months later from it Japanese counter part does it go next to the Japanese or in release order as the most recent card

So the artwork is released in any language, that sorts that artwork next to others. I then bundle that same artwork together.
Then it goes purely by release date for that art. Here is an example of how it would be sorted
May 1 - Japanese set released
May 10 - English and European
May 12 - other Asian
May 14 - Japanese promo
May 17 - English promo

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Question for the brains trust.
My example, roxanne from astral radiance.
Can i please get an opinion on ordering,
In asian languages we have battle region, vstar universe and ex trainer kit, where as english its just astral radiance, play promos and 3 English exclusive promos.
How would one order these? Bearing in mins sc hasnt released the artwork yet…

Simplified Chinese would go last.
I like to pretend you get the cards as they come out, so you stick the card in the slot next to the previously released one. Even if it’s a mix of Japanese, then English, then the Japanese reprint set, then the English pop set a year later

The one in the photo is Top Deck’s 4x4 1000-card binder! I also have a 3x3 I got before I upgraded the Piplups to this one.

The quality is very good overall- it’s a nice, sturdy binder with a good zipper, and the cards feel safe in them, even when I’m a little quick flipping through.

They are a little on the pricey side, but I do believe the quality is worth it.

For me, it’s controlled chaos in a good way. I split up my commons/uncommon from holos and rarest, and have a separate binder for the rarest, and one for the holos. Then I group them by set or type, whichever i’m feeling at the moment.