How do you guys store your collectible games?

I have a few fairly collectible games in PS1 and SNES that I’d like to keep protected but also readily available to play if I get the urge to. I bought these decent plastic cases for a few of my SNES games but they pop open fairly easy and I don’t like the blurry look to them. Looking for some decent ideas before I end up just building my own case. Thanks!

I’ve used retrogamecases. You can get plastic custom replicas of the actual game boxes. It’s great for display and is easy to get the games out to play.


I’ve got a lot of “high end” games and I’ve found they’re really hard to damage. As long as it’s not in the cardboard box still they’re really durable. I just stack them horizontally on my shelf lol.

Thanks I’ll check them out! I would prefer to have the original boxes with my games as well but this seems like a really good alternative. Especially for the harder to find boxes.

Well I wouldn’t be worried about it if I didn’t have a newboen and a one year old that is getting really good at moving around the house. We let her play in the living room which coincidently is where my consoles are. Ideally we will be moving within the next 3 years and our new home will have a dedicated room just for my collectibles that no children are allowed in lol but until then I’d like to find a good storage option that keeps them easily accessible and viewable.

I’m not as worried about the SNES games as they will withstand a nuclear blast. Other than if maybe one of the kids tried chewing on it and damaged the label. But we all know how easy ps1 cases break.

I’ve got all my valuable disc system games in a zip up disc case and I store the cases on a shelf separately so I don’t drop them haha.

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Idk why but I always hated that. I would cringe whenever I stayed at my friends house and he’d pull out that big zip binder with 40 different ps1 games in it. Maybe it’s the lack of presentation, I’m not sure.

I have a bunch of games. But since most of them have either no value or arent important to me I keep them on my miscellaneous book case in an 18°c room with very little light exposure.

My valuable games and important to me games are kept in my display case in the same conditions.


I’d highly recommend taking a look at Custom Game Cases

The case you are using (along with the ones from retrogamecases) is referred to as the Universal Game Case. They’ve been around forever and they are cheaply made.

The ones from Custom Game Cases are MUCH higher quality. They are manufactured from the same suppliers who make the Nintendo cases. They are similar in design to the original DS game cases, dark gray (also available in clear and some in multiple colors) with a clear plastic sleeve. They are available for a variety of systems such as the N64, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, Genesis reproductions, and more. They hold the games along with their respective manuals. You can buy the cases with artwork that replicates the original boxart, or buy blank ones and you can print out your own inserts. Many ready-to-go inserts are available on

When all dressed up they look fantastic sitting on a shelf with your other already cased games. Games and manuals are protected but still easily accessible. I fold up my original boxes and have them in a storage box elsewhere.