Happy 'New-Year'

For everyone who celebrates the New-Year on January first, Happy-New year!

I myself personally do not celebrate or recognize this day as the first of the New-Year. In my view the day of the new year due to the cyclical nature of the earth around the sun can start on any day as long as it is separated by 364/5 other days.

I personally like celebrating the new-year on August 1st, it’s less depressing and gives one more of a reminder of the gifts of life not the promises of death as the cold and barren season that is winter at least where I am from.

What? winter is just the opposite it reminds us that the world is a big wonderfull place full of advencher and beauty, not death.
well whatever that is my oppinyn because most of my spots are in winter like alpine ski racing (I own at it)
well anyway happy new year!