Happy birthday... to me!

Noone is allowed to ask how old I am! (Eeeeeeeeeeeeek)

But yes, it’s my birthday, Yay!

(Longtime UPCCC members will know we tried to get my birthday on UPCCC fixed to the real day - until DJ and I realised its hassle and neither of us cared that much)

I am going to guess! 27 :blush: And you are a June birthday as well! June is the best month :blush:

Oi! How old do you think I am! (if you got that from the upccc birthdate it’s wrong)

I am NOT 27! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you have two degree’s and are considering buying a house, so maybe 30’s :blush:

Is it higher than 27?

lol happy birthday i’m gonna go guess 35 haha

Less! OMG you people are mean!!

House is currently with solicitors so should get it in a month

@dogma - Happy Birthday!! :blush:



It wasn’t :blush: but I’m sooooooooooooooo proud that I got it. (I don’t have the right amounts of e’s do I?)