Good or Bad trade for 1st Ed Charizard

If the slab condition is a concern to the OP, why not just sell off the gold stars and buy a more recent PSA 9 cert that you’re happier with? Traveling internationally for a trade and sending a five-figure card into PSA for reslabbing is a headache for sure.


how dare you suggest an old cert carries more weight


lol I reviewed the card and it looks very very good even for an old cert so I am happy for the condition

Some are saying that I should sell and then buy the zard , and keep some mula but most aren’t buying these gold stars for what they’re really worth. Unless you have a really good auction going towards market value at the time you get what they’re worth during that time. Plus the auction house takes a cut too or if you sell through a reputable high end seller on instagram like low popping so I won’t get all that mula you think they’re worth Aka 23k ? No I won’t get that.

Lastly yes the trade plus the cash is a bit over what the zard is worth but when trading cards towards a grail like this one you mostly if not always need too trade high with enticing cards and the cash was suppose to be 7k cad but I said no way and then they came back with 6.5 and again I said no. 6 k is where I am comfy with. This card will only grow in value. Doesn’t matter if it’s a psa 9 or 10 , this card is nostalgia and most of us who got this guy back in the day and do not have it now , later when Pokémon is more hyped those kids like us will have a much better income most likely and will drop even more on this slab then gold stars in my view point , no matter how rare those gold star cards can be too get.

all I will say is that you definitely never ever need to trade up, if they are telling you that you are being ripped off. Every trade I have ever done has been 1:1 or I walk and sell myself and buy myself. Plus then you can also get a cheaper price because a wad of cash looks better than a stack of slabs


It sounds like you already made up your mind. Why ask e4 then?

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I wasn’t told that , I just know that it’s super hard for someone too trade there 1st Ed zard usually with out selling it for straight up cash and the price would be so much more I could ever save up for in time before it goes up in value lol

So the trade had too be enticing as I do really want a mint 9 Charizard 1st edition as this would be my end goal for collecting , game over and I will be happy

I just came too the conclusion of doing the trade earlier as like I said before it’s a end goal for me and now I can save my Pennie’s for real estate maybe :laughing:

Gold stars have been doing extremely well via auction recently. And yes, auction houses take a cut but not all that much. For instance, with PWCC you’d get hammer + 6%, which ends up working out to ~11% of the hammer + BP total. And they cover shipping/insurance and all of that. Based on recent auction results and including the $4300 that you’re also offering, your side is conservatively worth $20k after fees.

And for an all-cash offer, you could definitely get the Charizard for considerably less than $20k. There are several on eBay as low as $21k OBO – which means that there are sellers willing to net ~$19k and potentially much lower. If you put out an $17k or $18k cash offer for one, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t find a willing seller.

Basically, if you do the trade in its current configuration you’re losing out on ~$3k for very little reason. Though if you’re fine with that, don’t let anyone here stop you! I certainly wouldn’t be fine with that, but maybe I’m just cheap.


Do you think that I should keep the gold stars rather than trade them off as they have a lot of potential rise in value possibly ?

Both the Charizard and gold stars have the potential to rise/fall in value significantly. Personally, I wouldn’t factor that into the equation.

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imo I cant really see anything making big moves anytime soon

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Good luck with the trade, but like others have said before, if you intend to reholder it, HAVE THIS DONE PRIOR TO THE TRADE.

I speak from experience that this can go south quickly.

Hope it goes smoothly, and you get exactly what you want! :slight_smile:

I’d crack and go for the psa 10 with that bad boy then bgs for the black label. Looks easy.

I like consolidating and trading up, so I personally will go with base zard.

I mean I’d take the gold stars any day. All of those in PSA 9 PLUS 6k CAD? My biggest takeaway from this post is either gold stars are undervalued or charizard is overvalued if these two things are monetarily equal.

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I agree. At first glance, without knowing any of the prices, I was shocked that those gold stars were being traded for the zard, especially with cash on top. Those are pretty much the best gold stars in the game.

I definitely think its important to factor. It’ll be entirely speculation but if you were interested in having both, itd be smart to have whichever you think will rise more to give you a better chance to acquire the other later.

My point was more that it’s not worth factoring in because it’s entirely speculation. Like, if I had to speculate, I’d say that the gold stars will outperform the Charizard over the next decade. But I’d consciously try not to factor this prediction into my decision making.

I’m biased toward WOTC cards…and with 1st ed. Charizard being the king of WOTC cards…i say hell yeah go for it. But it comes down to how you value it. Put the economics aside and check your gut.