Getting back into collecting

Hello guys I got back into card collecting 3 months ago after quitting for 4 years. I started when I was a little kid and I stopped when I was in middle school. Got back into it briefly in highschool for a couple months and stopped again for financial reasons. I thought I was done with collecting but this hobby always seems work its way back into my life. So far in the 3 months I’ve spent about $700 and only got some PSA graded cards, these are my 1st ever PSA graded cards. I’ve never spent so much money on cards before and I kinda feel like a madman. So here are the cards I got, probably overpaid for these but I’m happy to have them. Don’t really have a specific goal in mind and I probably won’t be able to get anymore cards for awhile anyway lol.



Hello! Very nice cards you have there. The shinings are really cool! I got back into collecting a few months ago too and probably spent more than I should right off the bat but as long as you enjoy the cards I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Anything in particular that sparked your interest again? Pokemon Go? Evolutions set?

Seeing all my friends play Go did make me excited to collect again. I never cared that much about evolutions, it’s a nice set but it didn’t really catch my interest since I didn’t grow up with WOTC. The reason I got back into collecting is mostly because I can afford to now and I wanted to get cards I originally couldn’t afford. Sadly I still can’t afford them, they all have tripled in price since the last time I saw them.


Ikr? Wish I had started collecting again a couple years ago or at least before PoGo got released. Better late than never I guess lol. I’m glad to see people on the same page as me tho just starting back up. Good luck with your collection, I think it’s off to a great start!

Thanks and good luck to you as well with your collection!

That Steelix is sick! Welcome back to collecting. Like the others said don’t sweat it if you enjoy the cards. We’ve all been there.

Welcome to the fourum and looking forward to more updates:)

Some great cards!

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: