German Translation Help!

Hey guys, I am in need of someone who can translate english to german as soon as possible. I have been grateful in having Marcel on here do some of the translating but I need someone to translate a couple messages for me as soon as possible.

If any of the german members on here could help me I would be more than grateful. If you would like to add a skype address, email, or something we can chat that would be perfect.

I will be on all day tomorrow, central time, probably 7 hours back.

Any help anyone can provide I would appreciate.

Ive learned german for 10 years, but I havent seen that for 4 years, so Im not sure, if I can help you very much.

Request money from Scott. Or cards! :stuck_out_tongue:

*runs away before Scott kills me*

;D ;D ;D

haha I am not the violent type, that would be my italian (mob) side of the family. :wink:

hmmm…german. working something out for that 97 no.2 pikachu?? :blush:

I wish! I don’t have their contact info but if I did I would teach myself German for that card.

In all seriousness, if you can help out Scott, please do :blush:

What exactly is it that you need translating?

I needed a message translated from english to german, which I did get done thanks to darkrai and marcel (sandman).

I will post back soon as I am sure I will be in need of a future translation!

Ok np

If there not to big messages if you send me a copy i can pass it onto my business partner in germany and i can get him to translate them.

Does google translate help?

Yes it can for shorter phrases, but longer sentences it always has trouble with.

So far I have to thank the german members on here for being so helpful, Darkrai, Lotti and Sandman, I really appreciate the help.

Also if anyone ever needs anything translated to french or spanish you can send those messages my way! :blush:

And Italian?

Ehhh its not where it needs to be for translation. Maybe after my trip to visit my family in Italy it will improve.

Better than my non existent Italian :wink:

If anyone wants translations in random Indian languages, I’m your man :stuck_out_tongue:

Gujurati, Hindi, Urdu primarily (lets not get sucked into random arguments about Urdu being a Pakistani language).

Some of my best friends are Punjabi and Bangla so I can pick up the odd sentence here and there from those languages too. But for the most part in northern India at least, everyone will understand at least a little of Hindi because its supposed to be taught in schools