“Genwunner” takes?

Saw somebody make a post like this except about Pokémon games.

Figured it would be fun to ask this except using cards/collecting instead of video games.

What is something only fans or those who started with vintage would think about cards/collecting?

1996-2002 good
2003-2023 bad (except for the new 151 set)


Anything higher than 120HP is just a symptom of how ridiculous inflation is.

Sugimori stock art is more creative than this newfangled textured stuff.

The TCG ended when the factories burnt down during Skyridge’s print run. Everything afterwards was a fever dream.

My childhood memories are subjectively better than the franchise today. It’s more ruined than it was last time I decided it was ruined.


“I don’t like the new holofoil” - genwunners talking about cosmos

“I’m not sure about these new sets” - genwunners talking about Jungle and Fossil

"“386 pokemon?! That’s just too much”

“Gen 2 was ok, not great, they should have quit while they were ahead”

new cards suck, pokemon lost its way years ago (doesnt elaborate)


i started with base set and think vintage is boring, so that’s what i’d say.

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OG WOTC artwork was so much better than the crap we’re getting today. When WOTC lost the license Pokemon TCG was dead to me. We still haven’t gotten anything close to what WOTC was giving us back in the day.


yeah thats a good one for sure

Why do they make cards of all these unknown Pokemon? Stick to the classics like Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo every set!

Gen 1 was pokemon peak of creativity!



what a toxic thread

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Pfffft whats the point in collecting when theres no 1st edition. Waste of tiiiiiiime……

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Hey hey hey

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Sugimori stock art > art alts


Just using same standards as what BW hate got :pensive:

I can’t believe modern cards are priced equal/higher than vintage cards. Do not buy overhyped modern garbage, the market will correct itself. Poncho pikachu? pft, psa 10 in the 1000s, overpriced af.

Modern prices will crash, trust me.

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I think asking gen wunners what they think about gen wun ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) will provide fairly predictable responses.

I’ll say that less popular eras in the TCG created great things, but also created tragic things.

I think that trying to evaluate the virtues of the franchise’s different eras, broken down purely by the era, is a shallow thought exercise.

I WILL say more in-line with the topic tho

I think that in the early days, lack of quality was not an option. There was not proven or established material. The only thing between success and failure of the TCG was base era sets.

They had to be VERY choosy with what they selected, and clearly, they did a great job, otherwise We’d not have the new stuff. You can’t compare things to how they are now.

Another thing is that Gen Wunners remember a time when cards were not valuable. Today, collectors and investors have the luxury of vintage to give their modern cards some foundation, but they don’t know vintage history.

Only Gen Wunners can know what it was like to go from having trendy cardboard > to worthless cardboard > to rare and valuable cardboard

No modern-newcommer can know how it was to go through that ride, and it grants us a unique PoV.