Frustration with new set ordering

Who else here prefers the base set ordering whereby rares opened the set and the less common cards followed.

Recently ive noticed the cards sorted in colour which looks nice, but leaves the rares scattered.

What’s everyone’s preference?

Do you arrange your collections by the number regardless?

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I MUCH preferred when the Holos opened the set, and then the Super Rare/Ultra Rare end the set. With Rare/UC/C in the middle in order. The change to the Japanese style of types grouped together was annoying.

But it’s not a major issue, just a minor pet peeve.

It’s hard for me to decide. On the one hand, the holos opening is awesome. But I really dig the color code aesthetic. And it doesn’t bother me to have rares and regular EXs scattered because they’re such common pulls anymore. The truly exciting cards are at the end still. So in a way, I’ve got the best of both with the current situation.

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It is what has been done in Japan for over a decade.

And yes, I arrange my collection by the number. It is easier to remember 36 follows 35, than Baltoy follows Sableye in a set.

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I personally prefer the sets to be ordered by typing, as the Japanese sets always have been. A page of green, followed by a page of red, ect., until the URs is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than holos, mixed c/uc, URs.

Not super fussed either way though, just a small preference.

As someone who loves to store their holo’s together, I obviously prefer the traditional way. The good thing about it though is you can still store your new sets this way as if they were numbered that way (providing you know your alphabet). Personally the feeling of satisfaction that having all the holo’s together would outweigh any issue I had having the cards out of numbered order.

I much prefer the new way. It looks a lot nicer in a binder to me, and makes it much more fun/easy to play “What random promos will be added to the English set?” during the pre-release period.

I love new ordering system. I’m more player than collector, and because of that it’s more handy

I prefer the numbering system for exactly this reason.

One negative though was with the base and other sets. Soooo many Charizards were damaged by binder ring dents because of the #4 placement. Arranging those by color or evos kept the Charizard off the ring.


pref the holos together, easier to keep track of what i needed, having said that though when i was a child i arranged everything by type!

I definitely prefer the old English ordering when all of the holos were together at the beginning of the set. Even then, while I did keep most of my collection in set order, I still did make exceptions in cases where I thought my custom arrangement would make more sense. Take for example the Shinings in the Neo Destiny set; they were eight secret rares at the end of the set, but I chose to put them as a single cover page (with the Japanese Shining Mew) in front of everything else:

Another example I can provide is with the Japanese VS Set. Numerically, they were numbered according to Gym Leader/E4 member, but I decided to lump all the holofoils onto one binder spread. With the promo Rocket’s Tyranitar, Scizor, and Sneasel, they conveniently group into two 9-card pages. =]

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I like it - thanks for the picture explanation!

I have a few of the thick yellow bordered cards - ex series am I right? Not the most appealing to look at are they!

I personally like all of the holos in the beginning and all of the ultra rares at the end.


I’ve never really cared much, I just go through the pack quickly to check what I pulled.

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