Fire Proof Safes?...

Again, a novice trader like me has LOADs of questions… :zipper_mouth_face:

So yesterday I go to Walmart, they had fire proof safes on sale, so I pick one up for $25…
It is also waterproof :grin:

Where do I want to store my safe?
Which level of my house?
The top is always hot
The middle is well, the middle
The bottom is usually cool.

I have seen fire proof safes for $25, they are usually smaller ones under .7 cu feet and on sale. Anyway, fire proof safes are notorious for letting humidity build inside. I would recommend using one or two of these: These are what I use, they are re-usable by sticking in the oven, the contain no cobalt II chloride (that can supposedly cause cancer )and they are archival safe. The humidity will stay a nice 40% :blush:

Hahaha, some of it is cheap and no quality. Not everything, just some stuff. The safe I had my eyeballs on is like $300 bucks and is large enough to store all my binders. The medium sized one is quickly becoming too small :blush:

Anyway, a smaller safe with silica gel will definitely store your most prized cards quite nicely.

Im in Canada haha

But it was on sale, and I think it was supposed to be atleast 40…

Thanks all! :grin:
Its black, so where should I store it?
I don’t want my cards getting cooked LOL

No one will ever guess the closet! …wait :thinking:

Hahaha I could only imagine! I have thought of that before and how disappointed the potential thief would be. To the average person they would have no idea of the value, that is unless they Google the cards title on the PSA tag…providing PSA can even get it right! :stuck_out_tongue: