Hey guys, after reading the thread that Dj posted about youtube I figured I would just open one to anyone who wanted to post their facebook/youtube/livejournal link.

If you do not want to, do not feel obligated this is completely optional for people who do.

Here is my facebook

I just added you on my Facebook I hope thats ok

You look NOTHING like I thought you would :grin:


hahaha What did you think I would look like dogma :blush:

Everyone is welcome to add me. That was my intention in making this to add members!

And Unique I do not like facebook much. I actually deleted it for a long time but it is useful for people I talk to online and to communicate with friends overseas.

@smpratte - Regardless, I added you as a friend :blush:

Well… I assumed you were a state-of-the-art, fully automated collecting machine! :grin:

If I had facebook (or any other social network), I’d totally post it here. But hey, I post on here far too much anyways so you’re all sick of me anyways!

hahahaha! That was clever, I laughed out loud on that :grin: :blush:

And you make good posts so it is difficult to get tired of you :blush:

Hahahahaha! Cally looks EXACTLY like I imagined! (And before anyone asks how comes, I’ve seen her do the BW1 pack opening video)

So she looks exactly like the last time you saw her :blush:

Well I only saw a glimpse of her. Don’t remember the hair. But yeah, she looks pretty much what I expected.

It’s weird that I’ve only ever thought about what the admins look like. Don’t know what anyone else looks like! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and keep wondering :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if I want to throw mine up here. (Not that I’m not good looking :blush: ) Just not to hot on the idea of anyone who visits being able to check out my FB.

Well you can keep your page private and accept who you want to view your profile!


If you have to convince yourself of that :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:

But seriously, you’re like me, which I respect. That’s why Scott did say don’t feel obliged to share. Actually you’re not like me - the thought of randomers knowing about my life was enough for me not to get facebook at all!

While I am not a fan a facebook I enjoy seeing/talking to people I know online and want to talk to. You can keep your profile private where no one can see anything and then just accept the people you would like to view your profile.

I am not trying to persuade anyone, just wanted to let you know you can keep out random people and people you do not want!

I would say that like facebook…not love it…I don’t really make it point to sit in front of it all day. I might just have to check out those privacy settings though.

You definitely should! I like putting faces to names :blush:

Barely use it: