Espeon Fan Club For SALE

Need a little spare cash for some other purchases! PM me if interested!!!

$300 plus shipping!!!

Is the item still sealed in its orginal plastic wrapper? Does it exhibit any noticeable imperfections such as scratches, indentations, whitening, curviture or worse? Would you happen to have a picture?

It isn’t sealed, the guy I purchased it from told me just opened it to eventually grade it but he needed cash fast. The card is in perfect condition he placed it in a ultra pro screwdown case after he opened it and hasn’t left it even in my possession. The card looks flawless and would easily get at least a 9. I would have sent the card to get graded by Scott but I didn’t have it in my possession at the time :slightly_frowning_face: if you need any pictures give me your email and I would be happy to show you every aspect of the card.

Still for sale. Listening to offers.

$280 plus shipping!