eBay fee structure change. Sales Tax included

So I got the notification to get current with the new terms. On the surface it looked better. But now it’s saying that any tax paid, is included as part of the final value calculation. So if someone is buying from a state with high tax, I get dinged for a higher final value fee.


I need to take a deeper dive in just getting the store subscription. Even though I’m not planning on selling that much. I’ll just be selling a few, higher priced cards.

Anyone else have thoughts on the best route to go?

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“Anyone else have thoughts on the best route to go?”

Try selling them on facebook before ebay, tbh. Cash is really nice, no fees is nice, it’s not gaunreteed you’ll find a buyer but you might.

Weren’t you just complaining about FB buyers backing out constantly?


So much for managed payments saving sellers money. At least once a week I messaged eBay asking for low FVF for card sellers, everyone else should join along demanding lower fees with me!

I think it’s just a matter of perspective. You’re looking at a percentage of a percentage, it will be +0-1% more in fees. At the same time, using managed payments will save you something like 0.5% in fees that paypal would otherwise charge. We’re talking about things on the order of $5 per $1000 in sales

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Basic store subscription is pretty cheap, and you get most of the discounts that a larger eBay store would get. Would recommend it if you doing 2000+ in a sales a month.

After being on managed payments for a month or so now, I really like it vs Paypal. The sales tax fee is negated, for me at least, by the fact that the 3 percent transaction fee is refunded when you cancel an order.

Yeah, that was me.

I still recommend people try selling there first.

I’ve had people back out and had people cough up the cash so YMMV on that.

I sold a card on FB for 3650 and my reaction was ‘I am so happy I didnt post this on ebay’

But then you run into people that back out

I’ve done the math and the fees are typically nearly identical as before managed payments. Yes, there’s more variance from buyer to buyer since your fees depend on the sales tax charged to the buyer. But it averages out to being basically identical as before.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

I’m thinking it is worth it to get the store subscription. Just because a few cards are expensive and will trigger over 350$ in FVF and my understanding is that is the cap on the store.

$350 is the cap for all store levels besides the lowest store level. I have the second lowest level (the one that’s $20-something a month), which is the cheapest store option for getting the FVF cap and the FVF reduction. If the FVF cap/reduction saves you money, then it’s a no-brainer.

I appreciate the feedback. I honestly wasn’t sure if there was a catch somewhere that would essentially nullify the discounted FVF

Last question.

If I have something posted currently.

Then I get the subscription today and it sells tomorrow, does that mean I pay the FVF of when it was listed, or would the subscription cover me because it sold after I got the sub?

I’ll probably just cancel postings. Get the sub and just relist I guess.

Similar question. I sold a high end item. It was listed before I got a basic store subscription, and then sold 2 days after I bought the store subscription. After it sold I was charged the full $750 in fees as oppose d to the $350 cap that comes with the basic store. I was trying to figure out why it didn’t cap at $350, maybe that was the reason. Anyone else have a similar situation?

I just canceled my listings until I get the subscription. That answered it^

Hopefully they will give you a credit or something

Even if this amounts to a negligible fee increase in practice, the principle of it is nonsensical bullshit. The eBay/PayPal secondary market monopoly (plz don’t mention Mercari lol) is so hellish.