eBay buyer from another country with US shipping address?

Hey savvy sellers,

I received an offer for a card, the buyer’s account says “Member since: Feb-08-09 in Czech Republic” but their shipping address is in Texas. I’m a bit suspicious, is this indicative of a scam tactic that I’m not (yet) aware of?

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Likely not a scam. It’s probably the address of a middle man or other forwarding service. As long as it gets delivered to the address listed on eBay you are covered.


A lot of people use forwarding services to their country to avoid customs

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Because customs are one of the biggest legal thefts of the century most people will use a proxy service or a vault adress (PWCC) in order to avoid shipping outside of US with a full value declaration on the package.

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I do this as a buyer almost daily

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This is the best type of international buyer.


Is this legal?

As a seller I just ran into a problem with this. Buyer is from Mexico, middle man is in Illinois, USA. Ebay standard envelope doesn’t update with tracking info, this is pretty typical. Now the buyer thinks I didn’t ship the cards and didn’t even bother checking with the middle man first to see if they received them.

Thanks everyone! I went ahead with the sale after also messaging the buyer.

European costums have been tightened since earlier in 2021, I have been taxed for stuff that was genuinely a gift, before, so, people are relying more on either acquaintances that frequently move between continents or forwarding services.
Always message your buyers to try to make sure

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That was my intuition at first as well, but after looking into it, this is a very common practice for international buyers looking to purchase items from sellers that do not ship international.

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What mail forwarders would be good for cards? Seems like the risk of damage is high if it needs to be repacked by people who may not know what they are handling.

What countries are you going to and from?

Based out of Malaysia, and looking at cards from the US.

I can help out, send me a message.