E4's Favorite Celebi (CLOSED)

Why is this the first time I’m finding out that a Team Rocket Celebi was turned into a generic ‘Dark Celebi’ and randomly placed into Hidden Legends for us? I always thought there was something about that card’s release that made no sense.


last call for anyone who hasn’t voted yet and for everyone who has voted to give one more glance to make sure you stand by your votes

I believe this is the first time we’ve had a clean top 10 with no cards tying!

It’s also nice to see a very clear top 3 with plenty of spacing between each to dismiss chance of it ending up in a different order.


I just want to know why y’all hate Saitou’s PLAY Celebi so much :smiling_face_with_tear:

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not necessarily mad at the amazing rare doing well. it is one of my favorite amazing rares if not my favorite, but the _'s Celebi seems too underappreciated for how nice the art is. There is no reason it should be on the same level as a fancy 5ban card.

Maybe it is because Saitou’s art is so clean and lacks the distinguished stylization as many other artists and many this card feels bland compared to many other cards for some.

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Very nice top 5 imo :ok_hand:

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Fun to see some voting changes with rarities, gold star and shining that were very strong with some earlier polls reveived a lot less votes here, with some polls i got a feeling that people had a thought rare=good art but clearly this is different from that