Dry Cabinet Recommendations

Hey Everybody,

For a while now I have been thinking about getting a dry cabinet for my graded cards and I plan to finally do it soon. My apartment can have crazy humidity swings so it seems a like a smart purchase in the long run.

My questions here are:

Does anyone here have experience with putting graded cards in dry cabinets?

Which cabinets would you recommend?

What is a good humidity zone for cards in the cabinet?

Those and really any other tips/useful information I should know about using a dry cabinet would be greatly appreciated!

I know @qwachansey had a dry cabinet which he had posted about. He should know all the details.



Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, I have three different cabinets. Example:

If you go on Amazon or eBay, you’ll see that the basic designs all look very similar even though there are a wide array of companies. It’s because the cabinets are nearly identical with minor branding tweaks among brands. They are all made in the same factory in China. So just get whichever happens to be the best deal. I paid between $150 - $250 for mine.

I keep it at 45% humidity. I keep a hygrometer inside to ensure the LED humidity level displayed is accurate.


Thanks Qwa, thats super helpful! The hygrometer tip is really smart. I’ve seen a lot of binders in them, but is there anything specific I should for graded cards if you know?

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Not that I can think of; I do keep graded and raw cards in mine as well.

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Oh man I didn’t even think of graded cards, even though I know they’re not immune to humidity. New thing to fixate on.

If anyone finds a good cabinet that can A) display graded cards and B) store binders upright please let me know!

They all have drawer inserts btw. So you can store both.


I mean something more like this with a little more shelf real estate for displaying slabs on stands as well

I probably have more financially responsible purchases to make first though

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Ooh yes I’d eventually like to upgrade to something like that. While I’m still renting a place it’s not realistic since it would be such a pain to move around.


So why not just get a dehumidifier?

I used to have these. The cabinets make life easier and double as storage and protection from dust and my cat. I can’t really have everything on shelves because I foster cats besides Penelope and they will knock stuff down.


Been my fixation for a bit haha. Why I made the thread!

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I enjoy the piece of mind it would give me and I don’t really have an optimal spot for one like I do a cabinet. Plus, its another fun layer of collecting!

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Picked up a cabinet today! Very happy to dip my toes into this side of collecting and even more happy to get my cards in a more controlled environment. Will post when it arrives :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations, @trainerjack!

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Thank you!

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