Dont tatoo yourelf while under the influence lol

Saw this the other day and it made me lol so much I thought I would post a link

Ive seen this going around Facebook lol.
I think they were going for the “Tim Burton” Charmander. :rofl:


Wonders if really real…

Ha ha thats great pottsinator never seen the Tim Burton take on pokemon before,looks like he had that on mind.

Looks real enough to me Raichuforyou.It would be near impossible to draw on with a pen etc I would think.Dont know anything about tatoos though so could be a good wind up,gave me a laugh anyway :slight_smile:

I posted this a couple of days ago on my company’s Twitter feed (


Lol people are doing tons of crap with this… I seen cookies, plush toys, bottles, t-shirts… like… why… z.z

hey, it just looks shitty cause we are all sober… throw back a couple of cocktails while downing some xanax I bet the tattoo will really start to pop.


thats how you get down brutha?! haha

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Xanax?I take that to cure my hangover lol

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No legitimate tattooist would tattoo you under the influence of anything lol

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Drugs are bad mmkay