Does this card exist?? Scizor Undaunted 7/90 Non-holo rare

Maybe someone can help clear this up. I came across this Scizor listed on Troll & Toad (in their buylist as well as regular sales):

Scizor 7/90 Undaunted, Non-holo rare (theme deck exclusive) [English]
Card listed on T&TRegular holo rare card on T&T (to compare the photo)
T&T buy list for Scizor 7/90

Although they don’t have any of the non-holo in stock, it made me wonder what theme deck it’s from (since their buy price is relatively high for it). But it’s not in the deck list of either of the Undaunted theme decks, nor any other HGSS decks (or any in the next few sets). I did some digging and couldn’t find the non-holo version mentioned anywhere else.

I haven’t known T&T to be inaccurate with their card listings (and they also list the regular set Holo rare as a separate card listing, plus their pictures of the “non-holo” card vs “holo” card are different, it really looks like it’d be non-holo). This is driving me nuts…any ideas??

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Huh, I looked and didn’t find anything

I hope someone knows

I tried to search for it as well, but I can’t find it. Only thing that came close was this picture:

Although I’m pretty sure it’s just a stock picture. I’m unable to find it anywhere on Bulbapedia, nor anywhere online through a quick google search.

It might be a rare exclusive card, released in a foreign country (I know three English non-Holo cards that came in Swedish Donald Duck magazines for example), but I’m unable to find this Scizor. Usually information about English cards like these shouldn’t be too difficult to find, especially if it indeed is a Theme Deck exclusive. :confounded:

PS: TnT might have incorrectly listed it for some reason. I’ve seen it once before: they have the Best of Game Professor Elm with Winner stamp listed, which doesn’t exit. Only without Winner stamp exists for this card.


Interesting, thanks for the additional search help! I’m going to assume it’s an error listing on T&T (I’ll email them to let them know, and maybe they’ll have an explanation too).

Picture is most likely from Trading Card Game Online. Most holo’s don’t appear holo in that game.

To close out this thread - T&T responded to my question, and acknowledged it was indeed an error in their listings (so it’ll probably be removed soon).
Welp, it was a fun hunt for a beautiful card regardless!