Does ebay normally do a black friday sale?

Hey folks! just wondering if eBay does an type of black Friday sale? (Not just individual sellers) but a store-wide event? anyone remember from previous years?

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Yes and No…

They’re going to start up’ing the “Daily Deals” - that’ll run from now until Christmas. There are usually some really good-deals there; however, it’s not anything Pokemon-Related - and there is a lot of “junk” (items that appear to be great-deal - but can be bought for cheaper elsewhere). I’d definitely recommend checking-out that portion of eBay if you’re interested in anything electronic!

They’re also going to start up’ing the eBay Coupons / eBay Bucks - not so much making them better than before; but more frequent. That’s what I experienced last year anyway.

Now, regarding individual sellers, that’s a toss-up and really dependent upon the individual. However, eBay has started promoting there “Promoted Listings” - a tool for sellers to offer some type of discount within their eBay Store. Right Now, they’re offering 50% Off FVF for Sellers who offer “Volume Discounts” (Buy 1 at $X, Get another at Cheaper $X). I’d assume they’ll continue this throughout the Holiday Shopping Season to try and get individual sellers to offer discounts.

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15% off ebay wide: PYIPPEE