Hello. Does anyone use a dehumidifier to prevent warping? I store my cards in a room (not attic) which does have central air. Is it necessary to go the extra mile and purchasing one? If so, which is recommended? Thanks

It depends on where you’re located in the world. If you’re in a more humid place, it would be perhaps a good idea to use silica packets like the photo below to absorb some of the moisture (or even more depending on how humid it is). Naturally if you’re in a very dry area with little to no humidity, I don’t think it’s really necessary.

For items stored in home, you can use a dry cabinet. This is what I use:


@charizandrew, to back you here, i did the same and got one of those myself behind where i am can get pretty humid during the summer and so far its been fantastic. I use Ruggard brand, but either ive heard are good options

that being said though @espg07 it really depends where your location is. The biggest factor for changes in card stock ive noticed is through rapid changes in temp/RH as opposed to normal swinging ones. Id first recommend buying a RH thermostat to see the levels of humidity in the room your cards are at and then go from there. 50% is what most institutions store historical documents at with a temp between 65-70 degrees fahrenheit last i remember in my research, so if if its mid range or lower you shouldnt have to worry too much.

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I use silica dehumidifiers (those little packets and then also larger ones you plug in occasionally to redry, as well as air dehumidifiers that need to be plugged in) but I’m really into the idea of a drying cabinet… It can get humid enough over the summer where I am to the point where warping is noticeable if I leave a card in a room with no AC over the summer and forget about it until finding.

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If you keep the air conditioning on during the summer I think you’re probably fine. AC pulls a lot of humidity out of the air. Get a cheap humidity meter and make sure it doesn’t go above like 50-60% or so.